Mount Penanjakan Near Mount Bromo

Mount Pnanjakan Near Mount Bromo


Gunung Penanjakan is accessible from the village of Tosari or Wonokitri. I rented a 4WD (jeep) hotel Bromo Cottages Hotel for a round-trip trip to Penanjakan (then later in Bromo Crater before returning to Tosari Village for the full trip). The trip usually starts at 03:30 Tosari and the climb takes about 1 hour. The last part of the trip should be done on walking for 15 minutes because of the narrow roads and the lack of parking space at the top.

There are also trips from Pasuruan, Surabaya, Malang or Probolinggo, but the trip will begin much earlier (you will spend some of your sleep time in the car).


Gunung Penanjakan, at 2,770 m is not exactly a volcano. It is rather a popular view of Vista for the breathtaking view of the massive Tengger Caldera. At a certain height, the air early morning can be bitterly cold. In fact, I underestimate that with quite lightweight clothes and paid the price to frozen my frozen fingers, especially when taking my digital camera.

The promenade to the endpoint can be somewhat tiring (and yes still, cold!). Before the viewing platform, there are many local shops selling gifts, movies, camera batteries as well as rental jackets and sweaters. So, if you feel that your clothes are inadequate, you may need the extra layer of protection by renting a jacket.

The Tosari Penanjakan road is all paved, but the trip always takes long narrow and common interruptions. There is actually a park entrance just a suburb of Tosari, to which you have to go out at the counter to pay the registration fee of the National Park (quite minimal, something like Rp. 325.000 per person if the memory is used for right).

The Vista to the visualization platform is indeed spectacular. To the south, you will see the Tengger Massive Caldera, inside which the Sands Sea extends as far as your eyes could see. Besides, in this old crater, you can see Mount Bromo, Mount Batok, Mount Kursi and Majestic sowing on the distant horizon. The east view is arranged by Mount Argopuro (3,088 m) and Mount Raung (3332m) and if the weather is clear enough, you can see the western tip of the island of Bali.

As the sun rises and people start to leave the bridge of sight, try to look west where you can catch the overview of the two peaks of Mount Arjuno (3,339 m) and Wellirang (3,156 m) above the morning mistakes mist. of Malay. These volcanoes are considered inactive, although there is sulfur (locally known as "Belerang", from which the name Wellirang is also derived) the collection activities still take place.

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