Mount Batok Beside Bromo Crater

Mount Batok Beside Bromo Crater


Located at the bottom of Tengger Caldera. Jeeps can be rented from Tosari, Cemoro Lawang or Ngadas. The one I took from Bromo Cottages Hotel in Tosari cost me $55, which includes the Sunrise Trip at Gunung Penanjakan before going down on the Sands Sea at the foot of Mount Bromo.


Eclipsed by Mt Bromo (2 392m) which constantly pooch warm sulfuric gases and by mt seed (3,676 m) on the horizon away that affects hot ash every 1/2 hour on average, Mt Batok is often considered a Lateral attraction that completes the spectacular set of volcanoes in the ancient Tengger Caldera (Bromo, Batok and Kursi).

Nevertheless, for me, the mountain is extremely unique. Just like Mt Bromo or Mt Kursi, this perfectly shaped mountain rises from the sea of ​​sand. Therefore, despite being measured nearly 8,000 feet of the sea, it does not look like this great. In fact, from the base, its peak can seem conquered in a heartbeat.

Mt Batok, just like most volcanoes, is a brown volcanic cone. But the similarity ends here. In recent times, the mountain attended some growth of the vegetation that gives it a breathtaking tint of the green and yellow meadow. I could not check when was the last time the volcano broke out, but there must be many years or centuries. Its slopes are very unique if you inspect the alternation of ravines and crevices corrected by dark brown and light brown traits.

On his foot, you can attend the traces of an old lava flow among the black sand. There are also tiny shrubs in full swing in the gaps, as well as the great Cemara trees that have recently made the home of Mt Batok.

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