Horse Ride to Bromo Crater

Rent a horse and ride to Bromo Crater


The horse ride commences from the foot of Mount Bromo and Mount Batok. The one I took from Bromo Cottages Hotel in Tosari cost me $55 which includes the sunrise trip at Gunung Penanjakan before descending across the Sea of Sands and finally to the assembly place where your ride will begin.


The horse rides are operated by the local Tenggerese tribe members, most of them seem to be rather young. Tenggerese are known to be adept in horse riding skills, so it comes as no surprise to me. The one-way ride up to the staircase of Bromo Crater before you make your final climb on foot costs about Rp 150.000, and will set your back slightly more should you need the ride back to the base area.

In general, the experience is very unique, right from the first step you make to get up to the horse's saddle (it wasn't that easy, I tell you upfront), and to getting a good balance of yourself while riding. The feeling was rather awkward for me, with the sensation of falling over was constantly overbearing. Nonetheless, I kept my body still, with one arm on the saddle rope, and another hand deftly taking as many photos as I could.

The "traffic" could be somewhat busy. There are also a lot of tourists that opt to walk along the narrow foothills, and with some horses making them descend at a somewhat breakneck speed, it seemed like a scene from Seconds from Disaster.

The horse's owner will drop you off right at the staircase from which you will make your final (tiring) climb. I do feel that the horse ride is necessary to save your time and energy. If you need the ride back down later, please tell the horseman upfront.


An extremely unique experience. Try to do it even if you haven't ride a horse before (for me, this was my 2nd time, the first one was aeons ago!).

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